• Paul Kerr has been working with Music in Hospitals & Care in South England since 2011. His friendly Irish tones and great repertoire of singalong favourites make him a hit with audiences of all ages. 

  • Whitsuntide Clothes

    • 25th May 2020

    Today is the late Spring bank holiday, but many will remember this time of year as Whitsuntide. Our musicians Pamela Ward and Paul Cherrington share their song 'Whitsuntide Clothes' as Pam remembers the tradition in her hometown of Sheffield.

  • Musician Spotlight - The Retrosettes

    • 6th April 2020

    The Retrosettes are a vintage themed band based in Manchester who play Rock n Roll, Pop and Soul tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The quintet, which has both male and female vocals from married couple Paul and Helen, have been performing for Music in Hospitals & Care since 2017.

  • Musician Spotlight - Andrew Ford

    • 3rd February 2020

    Andrew Ford is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in creating holistic, therapeutic sounds with a selection of instruments including the hang drum, native American drone flute and sansula kalimba.

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