Volunteers’ Week: Yasmin

2nd June 2021

This week we are celebrating our fantastic volunteers and the valuable addition they make to the Music in Hospitals & Care community. From helping out at fundraising events, to being on our local committees or Board of Trustees, helping out behind the scenes in our area offices, collecting feedback from health and care settings and reaching out to new ones, we want to thank all of the people who donate their time and skills to help us share the healing power of live music.

We spoke to Yasmin Mair, who recently volunteered with us in the Fundraising and Communications team.


What made you want to volunteer with Music in Hospitals & Care?

I studied music at university and grew an interest in how music impacts health. I was told about Music in Hospitals & Care and what they do, and was interested in seeing how as a charity they reach out to people and the interactions made through music in these settings.

What did you get involved with while you were volunteering?

During my time volunteering I helped with creating listings for the live stream events on the website and other tasks on YouTube, social media and Spotify. The opportunity to transcribe some of the videos was great as I got to see and hear how individuals in care homes relied on music throughout this pandemic. My favourite moment was watching a live music session on Zoom. Even though I couldn’t be there in person due to COVID, it was great to see the strong interaction between everyone even through the virtual performance.

What skills did you gain?

The role allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, have a clearer understanding when carrying out tasks, and explore new interests within social media, fundraising, and communications. Since volunteering I have been able to put these skills to use within the work I do now as a Music Director at Ama-zing Harmonies.

Would you recommend volunteering for Music in Hospitals & Care to others?

Yes, definitely. Everyone was very welcoming and the team I was working with was great. There is something unique about Music in Hospitals & Care and I don’t think many people fully understand how much of an impact they have through the work they are doing until they experience and see it for themselves.

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