Volunteers’ Week: Thanking Dr Alan Jacques for 30 years of support

4th June 2021

Alan’s connection to Music in Hospitals & Care stretches back to the early 1990s, when he helped the first Scotland Director, Nella Kerr, organise a conference on music and dementia many years before this became a recognised area of work. He has performed as an accompanist in care homes and has been on both sides of the auditioning process.

In September 2019, Alan held a solo piano recital to fundraise for Music in Hospitals & Care and the Ménière’s Society, for which he is also a trustee, at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in Edinburgh.

Music in Hospitals & Care nominated Alan for the ‘Terrific Trustee’ category at the Scottish Charity Awards 2020 and were delighted that he was shortlisted by the panel as a finalist.

Alan retires from the Board of Trustees later this year, which he joined following his career as an Old Age Psychiatrist, after eight years of sharing his expertise and experience.

As a trustee he has improved the health and wellbeing of people in health and care settings using his networks and expertise in dementia, as well as his work with LGBT Health and Wellbeing and the Equality Network, his own experience of profound hearing loss from Ménière’s disease and of course his love of music.

Alan said: “It has been great to be involved in such a worthwhile and creative charity, and to be able to offer my occasionally welcome semiquavers-worth. It really is wonderful to see the difference live music can make to people.”

We thank Alan for his continued support and outstanding efforts and achievements spanning 30 years, giving his time and skills as a musician, volunteer, committee member, supporter, adviser and fundraiser to share the healing power of live music.

We are currently looking to recruit new people to our Board of Trustees, find out more here. Applications close on Monday 7 June.

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