Introducing our new strategy

3rd August 2023

Today, Music in Hospitals & Care has launched their new three-year strategy. This strategy will help realise our long-term ambition – to make sure people in hospitals and care enjoy a better quality of life and improved health outcomes.

The strategy has three main areas:

  • Impact – understanding and demonstrating the impact of our live music – proving the difference we make.
  • Voice – elevating our profile by being a visible voice.
  • Recovery – financial stability and sustainable music delivery.

Sharing joy through live music is at the heart of the organisation. As you read the strategy, you will see how different elements of music flow throughout to help us achieve our ambition.

We also took this opportunity to review our vision, mission and purpose. Thank you to our supporters, musicians, staff, health and care professionals, volunteers and trustees who all helped shape our new vision. Together we believe everyone should be able to access and experience the joy of live music.

Maureen Hall, Music in Hospitals & Care Chair, said:

“This new strategy has the full support of the board of trustees. The strategy reminds us of what those of us already involved with the charity can sometimes take for granted – the significant benefit and impact that experiencing our live music can create.

It is increasingly necessary to define and communicate our impact clearly and consistently, in order to increase the opportunities to deliver live music in a meaningful way to those who need it most, and to access future funding.  As a Board we aim to help and support all our staff to deliver this new strategy and to achieve our long-term strategic ambition.”

Barbara Osborne, Music in Hospitals & Care Chief Executive, said:

“We are excited to launch our strategy in this 75th anniversary year. With this composition, we are looking to the future and taking the steps needed to help deliver our vision. So, everyone can access and experience the joy of live music.

We believe in the healing power of live music. We share music to give people an opportunity to feel. To share an experience which helps them to connect with others, to bring back memories and to express themselves.

Everyone has the right to have music as part of their lives. Join us today and make this a reality.”

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