Opera with a Delightfully Deadly Twist!

2nd May 2018

Think you know opera? Think again!


Join Music in Hospitals & Care, and Siren Operatic Productions, in experiencing the Seven Deadly Sins. Come and enjoy an evening of imaginative operatic arias, duets and ensembles, from well-known classics to unfamiliar treasures, this June.

What to Expect?

The thematic event promises to have something for everyone, whether you’re already familiar with opera or brand new to the genre. Through its varied and unique performances illustrating the Seven deadly sins, expect to see some of the very best talent the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama has to offer.

Part of this hugely talented cast include members of the acclaimed Champagne Quartet, providing an excellent standard of musical performance, even the most seasoned of opera goers will find impressive.

The production seeks to challenge people’s expectations of what opera can mean, expect to see some truly outside the box performances. In the past, this production has boasted great success and proved hugely popular amongst audiences. And this summer’s grand finale stands to be better than ever.

Not just a treat for the ears either! Accompanying the performance will be a range of wonderful art pieces, all designed by the RWCMD’s talented art department. With each artist expressing their own wicked take on the Seven Deadly Sins.

The private venue in Llanover, Abergavenny, provides the perfect setting with its beautiful gardens and rustic barn. Audiences are encouraged to bring a picnic with them, to indulge in during the interval for a truly immersive experience.

If you still need convincing, then consider sponsoring Music in Hospitals & Care, as all proceeds for the event go to this fantastic charity.

Who Are Siren Operatic Productions?

The event will be performed by the non-profit, Cardiff based performing arts group Siren Operatic Productions. This multi-cultural group is made up of incredibly talented graduates and post graduates from the RWCMD Opera course.

Marienella Philips, the artistic director and co-founder of Siren promises a “totally mad, wild fun, and artistic” evening, with “so much variety”. Marienella aims to “get passed people’s perceptions of opera” and encourages audiences to “have a laugh with it”. In previous performances, the director notes how great it was to see a sizable response from opera newbies, furthering the production company’s success.

The ensemble manager for the performance and passionate supporter for MIHC, Jennifer Moss, promises it “won’t be a dry evening”, aiming to “bring all the best bits, the juicy bits” of opera to us the audience.

At the heart of the company are three main principles – tell stories, entertain and provide opportunities. There’s certainly a story to tell, with plenty of entertainment and by supporting this event, and Siren, you will give these talented musicians and performers the opportunity to perform outside of their college, bridging the gap between academia and the real world.

MIHC’s own, Hannah Beadsworth, sums up her excitement; “We can’t wait for this event! Top-quality live music, picnics, stunning private gardens, all while supporting a fantastic local charity – what more could you want? The purpose of our charity is to bring joy through the therapeutic values of live music, and your support will help us achieve this.”

Book your place now

The event will take place in Llanover, Abergavenny on Saturday the 2nd of June 2018. The performance starts at 7pm, but the gardens will be open from 6pm.

Audiences are encouraged to bring their own picnic to indulge in during the interval, in the stunning gardens.

Tickets are £15 each. To reserve your place, and for more information, please contact cardiff@mihc.org.uk or 02920 391415.

Event Link: mihc.org.uk/event/sevendeadlysins/

All proceeds go to Music in Hospitals & Care. | 02920 391415 | mihc.org.uk support


Article Written by Jon Constable j.constable95@gmail.com 

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