New Musicians

1st September 2017

Wales has taken on 8 new artists in the past year, with a special emphasis on recruiting more Welsh-speaking musicians. This is important for older audiences where dementia is a part of their lives: there are a number of recorded instances of people who say that they are English-speakers but, in the later stages of dementia, can only communicate in the language of their youth.

So we always try to include some Welsh material in all our concerts – even if the audience is apparently all Anglophone. New artists include Pegbox, a cello/fiddle duo who play slightly funky variations of Celtic reels and jigs; Llewelyn Ifan Jones, a very talented harpist; and the Icaris Duo, a flute and classical guitar combo.

In contrast to our newcomers, we also have one Welsh artist – Heather Jones – who has have completed over 1,000 concerts for Music in Hospitals. Along with her and our other longer-serving and loyal artists, we are now able to offer a really wide variety of musical genres to our audiences in Wales.

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