Musician Spotlight – String Sisters 4th November 2019

Sisters Angharad & Lowri began performing for Music in Hospitals & Care in October 2018 and have quickly become one of Wales’ most requested acts. The Viola and Violin duo’s light hearted, versatile and uplifting repertoire has worked particularly well during intergenerational sessions, where care homes have been inviting children from local schools, play groups and nurseries to come along to the concerts. The duo also frequently perform at local day centres, dementia café’s and children’s wards, where their warm and funny personalities delight audiences of all ages.

“This performance was one of the best we have had at this home… the whole experience was uplifting for everyone that heard the music. Both musicians were talented, positive, engaging and a delight to experience. We cannot express how much pleasure this event gave to us all and we look forward to them visiting again as often as they can!” – Ty Hafod Care Home, Cardiff.


We spoke to Angharad about her experiences over the past year:


What made you want to become an MiHC musician?

We have always loved playing for others as a duo, and playing in the local residential care home at Christmas was always a real highlight of the year for us. When we heard about MiHC, we were both so excited to hear that musicians were able to do this professionally – and all year round! Our mamgu was in a care home when we went to music college and with MiHC we have actually visited the care home that she was in. We know that she used to love the activities there and so giving a concert at that venue was so special to us, it was exactly what we signed up for.


What are some of your highlights?

There are so many highlights we could mention, such as playing Lullaby Hour sessions at Morriston Hospital. It’s humbling to see how many complex machines and medicines are set up in the wards and the care and patience that the parents and staff give to the little ones. To think that we could bring a little bit of music and smiles to both the babies and grown-ups is absolutely amazing. We left the hospital so calm and happy – it was relaxing for us too!

Another true highlight was at a care home where we played Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis. One of the ladies was singing along in her chair, then got up to dance with me. It was so moving that I put my violin down and danced with her as my sister, Lowri, played the melody. She was a much better dancer than me, and eventually saw me as a lost cause and just hugged me close until the song was finished. It was a really special visit.


Have you enjoyed the intergenerational sessions?

They’ve been a blast. We have loved hearing the younger generations join in with the older generation’s songs – such as The Bear Necessities and songs from Mary Poppins! It’s also been lovely to bridge the gaps between the generations in the cups of teas and chats before and after the concerts. The children think we’re part of the old ones, and the elders think we’re only young!

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