Musician Spotlight: Satnam Galsian

1st March 2021

Our Musician Spotlight for March is Satnam Galsian, who joined us in 2019 and is a favourite on hospital wards in the Leeds area for her performances with musical partner Lisa. They blend British folk and traditional Indian songs with contemporary compositions and arrangements.


How did you first get involved with Music in Hospitals & Care?

I auditioned as part of a duo with my friend Lisa Marie Glover. We’d both seen an advert on Facebook and decided to apply. Working for Music in Hospitals & Care appealed to me as I am a firm believer in the health benefits of music on the mind and body.


What are some of your highlights?

My highlights so far have been observing some of fellow Music in Hospitals & Care musician Holly Marland’s sessions at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and seeing how the patients reacted to her music. Another memory which stands out for me is when when we performed at the Leeds General Infirmary; the staff asked if I could sing an Indian song as there was a South Asian lady on one of the wards. I did, she clapped and danced in her wheelchair. It was nice to be able to use languages that she was familiar with to engage with her.


What does music mean to you and how has it helped you during the pandemic?

To me, music is like a friend that I can always rely on, whether I’m singing or listening to music it always makes me feel good. During lockdown I’ve been on an emotional ‘corona-coaster’ so to speak, feeling up sometimes and down at other times and occasionally both on the same day! Having different musical projects to work on during the pandemic has provided me with motivation and given me something positive to focus on.

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