Musician Spotlight: Phoebe Gorry

7th September 2020

Singer Phoebe Gorry began working with us in 2016 and performs a variety of different styles including pop, jazz and songs for children across South England.


How did you first get involved with Music in Hospitals & Care?

My first performance was at a care home in Southsea. I was nervous, but soon forgot about that when I witnessed what an uplifting effect the music had on the residents – it was really magical!


What have been some of your highlights?

There have been so many memorable moments. I loved singing for the day hospice patients at Woking Hospice. We visited a few times and really built up a rapport. We were able to get lots of patients to sing along and it was heart warming to be able to have a cuppa with the group afterwards.

A real highlight was singing on the children’s ward at Southampton Hospital. A nurse asked us to visit a 10 year old girl who was very poorly, and had been asleep for a long time. Her mum and sister were at her bedside and requested a favourite, Happy by Pharrell. We began to play, and by the time we’d reached the second chorus, the little girl opened her eyes! Everyone in the room was very emotional, the mum came and gave me a huge hug and thanked me profusely. She said it was the most interaction they’d witnessed in a long time. I had always known how powerful music could be, but this was an experience that I won’t forget; it was so special.


How was your first live stream music session?

Guitarist Mike Redfern and I prepared a selection of lullabies and relaxing songs, from classics like ‘Wonderful World’ to more unusual songs including ‘Baby Mine’ by Alison Krauss. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session –  I hadn’t done anything like this before and must admit that I felt a bit sceptical about how easy it would be to ensure an ‘engaging’ performance through a computer!  I was also a little nervous as I haven’t done a live show in a few months now. There was no need for me to be worried however; I loved every moment – from the first song to the last! It was so rewarding, we both felt a real buzz and can’t wait for the next one!

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