Musician Spotlight – Margaret Watson 4th October 2019

Margaret has been spreading Joy Through Live Music with MiHC since 2010 and is a firm favourite amongst care homes and hospitals. A versatile harpist, Margaret covers a wide repertoire spanning from musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, to romantic pops songs by Ronan Keating and traditional jazz and classical.


How did you first get involved with MiHC?

Having played at Nursing Homes for several years, I was approached on one occasion by someone visiting a relative and he suggested I apply for an audition at MiHC as he thought I would “fit the bill!”. I duly applied as I had never heard of the charity before and it was just what I  wanted to do – to play the harp in a caring environment. So I (very nervously!) went for an audition at Bristol University… and it has been the best musical decision of my life!


What’s your favourite thing about performing for MiHC?

It’s impossible for me to say what my favourite thing is as every concert is so different, but one of the most exciting parts of being an MiHC musician is never knowing what the concert will bring forth! There are moments of pure joy when patients and staff  sing and even dance to the music, then there are those incredibly personal times when someone is very poorly or near the end of their life.

To bring some comfort and peace through music at this time for the patient, relatives round a bedside and hospital staff is incredibly intimate and emotionally powerful. Through eye contact, tears and smiles, these precious minutes are little capsules of time. Knowing that the music I’m playing  is having a positive impact is what MiHC is all about for me, which is why I so enjoy the concerts.

Seeing patients, relatives and staff reacting spontaneously and directly from the music I play is simply an amazing and totally rewarding experience. I have always enjoyed seeing the benefits and healing qualities that music can have on the sick, frail and mentally ill and working on behalf of this amazing charity has enriched my life (and hopefully many others through music) completely.


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