Musician Spotlight – A Fyne Pear 6th January 2020

Multi-instrumentalist duo A Fyne Pear (John Sampson and Pete Baynes) have performed almost 600 sessions for MiHC across Scotland in numerous venues, bringing their unique brand of comedic performance to delight audiences of all ages.

“The session was excellent and residents were in fits of laughter at the comedy involved in the performance. John & Pete were spot on in drawing the audience into their show and their ability in playing such a variety of musical instruments was exceptional.” – Activities Coordinator – Erskine Park Home, Bishopton


What made you want to become an MiHC musician?

We were looking for ways to make a positive difference to people through music.


What are some highlights?

We value the times when the residents, patients, staff and visitors all participate together, fostering a warm sense of community and fellowship. There are the concerts which elicit big responses, often the ones at day centres or lunch clubs. Occasionally you have a bit of a riot on your hands!

The best concerts are the more difficult ones, where you go in and there is initially no response. You work hard for maybe half an hour with little to show, then slowly, you see eyes opening a little wider, a foot tapping, lips mouthing the words to a song, eventually a smile or two. The light seems to get brighter and the room becomes a little warmer until, by the end of the concert, you know for sure that people have had a time of enjoyment together.

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