Musician Moments: Laura-Jayne Hunter

23rd September 2020


Our musicians have been speaking about some of the most significant moments they have experienced whilst sharing Joy Through Live Music with Music in Hospitals & Care.

Laura-Jayne Hunter has been working with us in South England since 2018.

“I think the most impactful performance was in a hospital ward where a number of the patients were living with dementia. There was a lady who was a similar age to me (30’s) and her mother (the patient) seemed distressed didn’t know where she was or what was going on. She called at me to stop whilst I was playing a song and her daughter was clearly upset but told me to keep going because her mother used to adore music. She then requested a particular song that she knew her parents used to love, and thankfully I knew it, so I played it for them and straight away her mum stopped shouting and listened. She smiled and looked at her daughter and said “your dad used to play this to me.” Her daughter’s face lit up and she said “yes mum that’s right.” In those few moments it was clear that her mum was briefly lucid and knew that her daughter was next to her and it was a fond memory that calmed her and comforted her.

It was such a beautiful moment that I almost struggled to finish the song, but was incredibly grateful that I had played a part in helping them to connect again even if it was just for a short time.”

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