Musician Moments: Hedley Kay

10th July 2020


Our musicians have been speaking about some of the most significant moments they have experienced whilst sharing Joy Through Live Music with Music in Hospitals & Care.

Singer/guitarist Hedley Kay is one of our longest serving musicians and has been working with us across the UK for over 40 years.

“Some years ago I was performing for a group of young people with special educational needs; a boy of about sixteen was standing nearby, so I asked him if he would like to play my guitar. He was non-verbal, but his body language indicated that he would be happy to give this a try. I gently put the strap over his head, and having showed him how to strum, stood back so he was in full control of the instrument. After a while I removed the guitar by drawing the strap back over his head and the staff were absolutely amazed. Apparently he did not usually like anything over his head, but somehow through the musical experience we were able to share this moment with the instrument.”

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