Musician Moments: Edelle McMahon

13th August 2020


Our musicians have been speaking about some of the most significant moments they have experienced whilst sharing Joy Through Live Music with Music in Hospitals & Care.

Edelle McMahon has been working with us in Northern Ireland since 2018.

“One of my most treasured memories is when I was performing at a care home in Belfast. An elderly couple sat holding hands throughout the show. The gentleman was very attentive to the lady and for most of the concert she just smiled and sang along with a blissful expression on her face. At the end of the concert I remarked to a staff member how sweet the couple were. She told me that they had been married for over 50 years and that the lady, who was living with dementia, was no longer able to speak. They were all delighted with how she engaged with the music and sang along. Her husband gave me such a lovely smile and squeezed my hand before I left. It made me realise how important music and singing are, not only for fun, but as a way to express emotion and communicate. It was very moving.”

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