Musician Moments: Becky Chevis

17th July 2020


Our musicians have been speaking about some of the most significant moments they have experienced whilst sharing Joy Through Live Music with Music in Hospitals & Care.

Becky Chevis has been working with us in South England since 2015.

“I was singing to a tiny baby in an incubator on a neonatal ward as part of Lullaby Hour. She was so small I couldn’t even see her huddled up in the blankets and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to connect with her through the walls of the incubator, particularly with all the noise from the tubes going in and out and the beeping of the various machines she was connected to. But when I started singing Dream Angus, a lovely Scottish folk song about being brought dreams ‘o’er the heather’, the line on the heart rate monitor went from being very erratic and jagged to lovely steady curves. When I stopped singing, the line changed again.”

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