Music & Memories at the Bowmore Lunch Club

9th July 2019

Recently, thanks to Bank of Scotland Foundation’s funding this year of our project: Music & Memories, we were delighted to deliver our first ever session at Bowmore Lunch Club on the Isle of Islay.

Music in Hospitals & Care Scotland’s musician band, On the Wagon, were received with great applause by members and staff alike:

“This was an exceptional afternoon of live music for the members of Bowmore Lunch club. Many of the members have dementia and their faces came alive when the music started. The musicians played all the familiar songs and engaged the audience with stories and anecdotes. One lady with severe dementia, used to be a music teacher and this lady has become uncommunicative, however on this occasion she sang and pretended to play the piano. At one point she became quite tearful, and I think a song held deep memories for her. The amazing ability of your musicians to involve and enthuse the audience is brilliant. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

Bank of Scotland Foundation are supporting our work through funding our project: Music & Memories. This project will see us deliver 40 live music sessions with the aim of aiding reminiscence and reducing social isolation for 800 people aged 65 and over across the length and breadth of Scotland.

It is a fantastic testament to the power of music that we can help reconnect people with their memories and their earlier lives through the work we do.

Thank you to all involved in helping us to make this project an enjoyable and meaningful success for all of the beneficiaries we work with.

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