Music conversation starters

26th April 2023

To celebrate our 75th anniversary we are sharing a series of resources throughout the year that build on all of the research and knowledge Music in Hospitals & Care has gained about music and health. We hope you will find them useful whether you are just looking to learn more about the benefits, or if you would like to connect through live music with yourself, a loved one, or someone you support in a health or care setting.

The first resource we would like to share is some music conversation starters for health and care staff or family members to explore topics around music with a person they care for. This could include how someone would like to engage with music and the emotions and memories it sparks.

They are open questions and statements that don’t require a wide musical knowledge. If you would like to talk about music with someone you support, these conversation starters are a great place to begin. You can view and print them below.

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