MiHC – our new name!

8th September 2017

Music in Hospitals has changed its name to Music in Hospitals & Care. The charity which was established in 1948, brings professionally performed live music into hospitals, hospices, day centres, special schools, nursing and residential homes.

Their concerts bring joy and many therapeutic benefits as well as a break from the normal routine. No concert is the same, each one being tailored to the audience. Patients with dementia in particular benefit from the performances where the familiar music helps them to reminisce about happier times. The charity has offices throughout the UK, in Walton on Thames, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Manchester. Music in Hospitals & Care delivers around 5,000 live music concerts each year. Although live music sessions were predominantly delivered in hospitals in the early years, the entire healthcare landscape across the UK has changed with 75% delivered outwith hospitals in venues that provide for the longer-term care of adults and children.

Chairman of Music in Hospitals & Care, Peter Fairlie, said: “Although we have always provided live music right across the healthcare spectrum, our new name “Music in Hospitals & Care” better reflects the inclusive nature of what it is we do through visiting all healthcare venues. Together with our refreshed logo, we look forward to continuing the valuable service to vulnerable adults and children in the healthcare system.”

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