A stay in hospital can be stressful and unsettling, whether you’re the person receiving treatment or a family member or friend. Live music can help change that. We work closely with hospitals across the UK so our musicians can share the many benefits of live music with everyone from new-born babies to older people.

You might find our musicians in the following areas of hospitals:

  • bays, wards and communal spaces
  • older people’s care
  • mental health services
  • cancer care
  • stroke units
  • critical care
  • special care baby units
  • neurological rehabilitation centres

Our live music benefits hospital staff too – giving them a much-needed break and time and space to improve their own mental, physical and emotional health.

Find out more about two award-winning approaches to sharing live music in critical care that we’ve created – ICU Hear® and Lullaby Hour.

We found that:

  • 100% of people working in critical care reported increased staff morale
  • just over two thirds (67%) of critical care staff reported an enhanced understanding of the people in their care
  • just over half (51%) of people who were critically ill felt less isolated
  • 45% of people who were critically ill had improved communication skills
  • 100% of people who were critically ill experienced less stress and anxiety.


“The gift of watching a five-day old baby and mother enjoy a moment of calm is precious, and a testament to the power of Music in Hospitals & Care.”
Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington

“It can be quite tedious and depressing to stay in hospital for long periods like our patients have to do. They have been through a life changing experience and the music brings back nice memories and makes them feel closer to others again.”
Homerton Hospital, London

Get in touch with our team for more information on our specially-created live music experiences in hospitals.

Find out about our work in care homes and day centres and hospices and palliative care.

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