Hospices and palliative care

For people receiving palliative care, live music can bring physical and mental health benefits – whatever age they are, or illness they’re experiencing.

Our live music stimulates the senses and offers comforting contact for those who are critically ill, their families and health and care staff looking after them. They can help people feel relaxed and connected to others. Enjoying music together can relieve frustration, stress and isolation, and reduce the perception of pain.

Following our live music experiences:

  • 98% of people who were seriously ill said their mood improved
  • more than four in five (83%) felt less stressed and anxious
  • 94% of people caring for seriously-ill people noticed increased staff morale

“I was looking after a palliative patient who had no family or friends. The music was very touching and therapeutic at this very sad time.”
Aintree Hospital Critical Care Unit, Liverpool

“’Is that music out there? Is it okay if we come out and have a listen?’, said the family member of a patient who was at the end of their life. ‘Is it ok if I sing along?’, asked the patient themselves. I thought this was such a lovely example of live music easing someone’s transition in their palliative care.”
Louise McQuillan, Critical Care Research Nurse, NHS Lothian


“Music makes a huge difference to our hospice patients and staff. It is completely uplifting and altogether fun. Please continue this fantastic work!”
Highland Hospice, Inverness

“One of the mums said her daughter Ava had the biggest smile on her face all the way through the live music and was happily bashing her drum. She told me that when you have a child with Ava’s condition, people tend to speak to them as toddlers and not their actual age. So, it was a breath of fresh air to have something more age appropriate for her to engage in.”
Staff member at Little Haven’s Children’s Hospice, Essex

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