Care Homes & Day Centres

Our professional musicians share live music with older people living in care homes and visiting day centres.

We know that many care teams are looking for ways to tackle loneliness. Our specially-created live music experiences help people make connections. When people share music, they can feel closer to each other. Live music can transform relationships between care home residents and their families, as well as their health and care teams.

Some people in care homes and day centres are living with dementia. Research shows that not only can live music trigger happy memories and help people express themselves, it can reduce symptoms such as agitation, anxiety and depression. People living with dementia who’ve taken part in live music became more social, vocal and motivated to talk.

Following Music in Hospitals & Care live music experiences, more than three out of five healthcare professionals reported an enhanced understanding of the people in their care.

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Following Music in Hospitals & Care live music experiences in care homes in England and Wales:

  • over three-quarters (76%) of residents felt less isolated
  • over three-quarters (78%) of residents felt less stressed and anxious
  • more than two-thirds (67%) of residents did more physical activity.

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