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A large part of our service is invested in bringing live music to older adults in long term care whose increasing frailty means they are no longer able to live independently. A proportion of people in these audiences will have some degree of dementia and familiar tunes can help to trigger reminiscences of happier times, helping to stimulate their remaining abilities.

As well as providing day to day care, tackling social isolation and loneliness amongst older people is at the forefront of care providers aims. MiHC is extremely well placed to deliver music sessions which enable people living in care who may be self-isolating or withdrawn to come forward and participate in a ‘failure free’ activity, encouraging socialization and participation.

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“A lady who has recently been withdrawn and insular was singing along with gusto and her family were astonished to see the change in her mood.”
Southside Nursing Home, Inverness

“Our residents enjoyed dancing, clapping and singing along to the tunes they knew and loved. Even residents who do not usually take much interest in social activities were engaged.”
Morfydd Jones, Sunrise Senior Living, Wales

As memories are revived and all kinds of emotions are released, this also affords care staff the opportunity to gain fresh insights into individual backgrounds and tastes.


“Music enhances mood, communication, physical and mental well-being in residents and staff. We are so grateful to MiH.”
Bon Accord Care Home, Hove

’‘Singing, for dementia, is one of the finest recipes for success.”
Oakwood Nursing Home, Cwmdare, Wales

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