Mental Health

Our specially-created live music experiences help people facing difficult mental health problems to feel relaxed and confident. When people are feeling anxious or alone, our live music offers a way to create new memories and share experiences with others, helping relieve frustration, stress and isolation.

It also helps staff to destress and relax, improving care for the people they support.

We share live music to improve people’s mental health in hospitals, specialist units and community services.

Our live music is specially tailored to the group. Our experienced musicians are sensitive and responsive. They create a space for people to feel in control, somewhere where they can choose to get involved in the music or simply relax and absorb.

Following a Music in Hospitals & Care live music experience for people with mental health problems:

  • four out of five people felt less stressed and anxious
  • over three quarters (77%) of people felt less isolated
  • 93% of people had improved mood
  • 71% of staff reported an enhanced understanding of the people in their care

“Afterwards, some of the residents were still smiling and singing. Even the staff benefitted as it brought a bit of sparkle to the day. It also made relatives see another side to the person.”
Gortanvogie Residential Home, Islay

“A patient who rarely communicates directly made eye contact, smiled and spoke with the musicians when they asked for her favourite song… milestones are quietly being reached continually and subtly, when there is live music.”
Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow

“Music in Hospitals & Care’s live music at The Hive gives people who are often feeling powerless the chance to express themselves and play us their favourite song. They are also a wonderful opportunity to get to know patients’ characters and personalities, which hopefully rebuilds their identity and recovery.”
Jennifer Learmonth, Assistant Activities Worker at The Hive, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

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