Live music

We all have a song or favourite tune that reminds us of a special time or of a moment shared with someone else. Since 1948, Music in Hospitals & Care has been privileged to contribute to and witness the magical moments that live music can bring to any kind of care setting.

We’ve learned that sharing the experience of live music can help reduce levels of anxiety, pain and depression, as well as break down social and cultural barriers.

A MiHC concert lasts just over an hour, but our musicians provide more than just live music. They will arrive in good time for the performance in order to meet their audience and will stay to chat with them afterwards about how it made them feel or the memories the music has sparked. This is particularly welcomed by patients who have little contact with relatives or friends.

It is difficult to succinctly categorise the audiences that we reach as they have a wide variety of care needs and access many different types of support. The following links give a general overview of some of the people and settings that benefit through our concerts, but this is by no means exhaustive. Visit Our stories to find out more about how concerts can impact audiences in different healthcare settings.

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