Live music

I didn’t realise how powerful live music could be until I joined Music in Hospitals & Care. It’s obviously touching something in the brain that other medical treatments and medicines aren’t.

At Music in Hospitals & Care, we’ve been sharing the healing power of live music since 1948.

We believe live music needs to be part of everyone’s health and social care. Research shows that live music heals. It helps people feel relaxed and confident, and can relieve frustration, stress and isolation. Music can also reduce the perception of pain. It brings back memories and helps create new ones. When you move your body to music – even just tapping a finger – it’s natural physiotherapy.

Live music can transform relationships between patients, families, healthcare professionals, residents and carers. When people enjoy music together, they feel more connected to each other, which leads to more personalised care.

During a Music in Hospitals & Care live music experience, our musicians offer so much more than playing music. They spend time getting to know the people they’ll share their music with. And they chat with them, finding out about how the music made them feel or the memories it sparked.

Live music also gives health and care staff a break from their demanding professional responsibilities and time and space to improve their own mental, physical and emotional health.

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  • Music enhances mood, communication, physical and mental wellbeing in residents and staff. We are so grateful to Music in Hospitals & Care.
    Bon Accord Care Home, Hove

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