“Live music is life enhancing for our residents”

1st August 2022

Lakeside House in Cardiff recently enjoyed our live music for the first time since before the pandemic with musician Richard Robling. Activities Coordinator Susan Carrick speaks about how important music is to their residents.

“Music plays a very important part in our life at Lakeside. Each resident has their own playlist created from their choice of music. It is not unusual for residents and staff to burst into spontaneous song at any time of the day.

When a new resident arrives they may feel worried by the unfamiliar surroundings, so playing their favourite music helps put them at ease. Supporting residents living with dementia requires patience, empathy, a gentle and kind nature and a good sense of humour. Someone may be calm, contented, happy, but also anxious, angry, sad, scared, confused and vulnerable.

Live music is life enhancing for our residents. I have seen first hand how a quiet resident who doesn’t communicate very much will light up and sing a song word perfect. It really is a joy to witness.”

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