5th December 2018

To celebrate #InternationalVolunteerDay 2018, we’re introducing Llinos, our newest office volunteer in Wales. To get to know a bit more about her, we asked her a few questions…

Hi Llinos! You’ve been at our Wales office for a few weeks now.  Is this your first time as a volunteer?

Actually volunteering is something I’ve been involved with for many years.  In school I organised a few fundraising events and at university I was involved in the volunteering society.  On an ad-hoc basis I’ve helped out with some charities in Cardiff.  Volunteering is very fulfilling and I’ve always enjoyed it.

What was it about volunteering with MiHC that interested you?

I saw that MiHC were advertising for a voluntary intern on the Volunteering Wales website and I was immediately drawn to the charity.  Although I unfortunately don’t have a musical bone in my body, my partner is a keen pianist and music often flows through our home.  Having spent significant time in hospital, and visited relatives in care homes, I believe that music is a wonderful tonic and diversion.  Their mission definitely resonated with me.

What do your duties at the Wales office include?

I’m heavily involved in promoting and recruiting the charity’s first ever trekking experience, which takes place in Morocco in May 2019.  I’ve been uploading social media posts, sending emails and letters to groups and making adverts for event listings online and in the press.  For details of the trek see here: www.mihc.org.uk/morocco

I’ve also been to a concert arranged in a residential home so I could see first-hand how music entertains and lifts the residents, as they dance and sing along!

How is volunteering with MiHC benefitting you?

This opportunity came at a time when everything was up in the air for me!  I’d taken a career break to look after my mother, and in the aftermath of her death I was feeling a bit lost.  MiHC got in touch at just the right time.

I love the idea of working in a creative field in the future and MiHC have allowed me to flex my creative muscles in promoting the Morocco trek.  The Wales team is made up of Robert, Hannah and Ffion, who are all very friendly and welcoming.  They thank me for donating my time, but I am grateful for the experience and skills which volunteering in their office has provided me, from communication to time management.

The hours which you volunteer can go towards Tempo Time Credits www.wearetempo.org which allow access to facilities such as theatres, gyms and tourist attractions, which is well worth signing up for.

What would you advise someone who is considering volunteering?

Volunteering can involve many varied activities, so if one thing doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to be put off!  For example, with MiHC you can be a bucket collector in a shopping centre, or supermarket.  Or you can arrange a fundraising activity of your own, and there’s no limit to what type of event you can hold! Whether you’re looking for work experience, to boost your CV or just to get a warm feeling from helping others and a good cause, volunteering is always a good choice.

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