Local ambassadors

What is a MiHC local ambassador?

Our local ambassadors help MiHC to raise awareness about the charity and funds for live performances in care settings, within their local communities.

Local ambassadors are invaluable to MiHC. They are our eyes and ears ‘on the ground’ in their local communities, across the UK. LAs are able to promote MiHC in areas and regions that office staff are simply unable to reach or easily connect with. Thousands of pounds have been raised and secured thanks to the incredible work of our Local Ambassadors, and an ever increasing number of people continue to learn about the charity and our work. Through them, the word is spreading!

LA Activities

Some of the activities which our current LAs are involved with are:

  • raising awareness about MiHC within their local community – handing out MiHC literature to local libraries and community groups
  • initiating their own fundraising events, large and small, to support concerts in local care settings
  • introducing MiHC to local groups – churches, choirs, businesses, doctors surgeries
  • giving talks about MiHC to local organisations – church guilds, community groups, schools
  • spotting local fundraising opportunities – at local supermarkets, businesses, schools, community group charity events etc.
  • support MiHC’s own fundraising events
  • spreading the word amongst friends and neighbours
  • representing MiHC in local press – have photograph taken as a ‘Local Ambassador’ for a local paper (we’ll provide the quotes and copy!)
  • nominating MiHC as a Charity of the Year at a local store or business

The role of a Local Ambassador is by no means a job description! There is no requirement to perform specific duties or tasks – it is imperative that support of MiHC is only given in ways and at times that suit each individual. LAs themselves choose which initiatives to kick start and which opportunities to get involved with, all with support from a MiHC office.

Getting you started

As an induction to the charity, we invite all new LAs to attend a MiHC concert at a local care setting with a member of staff. The aim is to give a good insight into the impact the concerts have, helping LAs to be able to speak personally and knowledgeably about MiHC.

Meeting up

MiHC staff arrange for the LA group to meet three or four times a year. These meetings are informal and provide great opportunities for members to bounce ideas around with others and to both share and hear about each other’s recent activities. A news update is collated by office staff and sent to the group between meetings as a reminder of current activities and to notify every one of the next get together.

Find out more

We welcome anybody interested in becoming an LA to come along to one of our informal meetings (usually morning or early afternoon on a weekday). Here, you can meet with the group and find out more with no obligation to “sign up” so to speak.

For more information about our Local Ambassador networks near you, please email our team.

  • Margaret sang an opera song for one of our dementia residents, who sang along with her. Her family hadn’t seen this for years and were delighted.
    Barton Brook, Salford

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