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Marilyn had an accident which left her with brain damage and she has relatively low awareness and is often asleep. But when there’s good live music going on, she reacts to it. She is more awake and it makes a big difference to her wellbeing.

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Our amazing, dedicated and passionate supporters help as many people as possible experience our headline act – the healing power of live music.

There are lots of flexible, fun and rewarding ways you can get involved and join the Music in Hospitals & Care community.

We can’t share live music with over 100,000 people a year without you.

Host an online music quiz, take part in a sponsored sporting event, or even organise your own concert. There are lots of fun things you can do to help live music be part of health and social care.

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Friends of Music in Hospitals & Care give £4 a month or more to help improve the health and wellbeing of children and adults through live music.

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Any amount you are able to donate today will help to share the healing power of live music with children and adults, improving their health and wellbeing.

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Create memories for children and adults for years to come with a gift in your Will to Music in Hospitals & Care.

Volunteering with Music in Hospitals & Care is a great way to meet likeminded people and develop new skills while making a difference.

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Does your business want to partner with a charity that provides vital support to a range of people and offers fundraising and volunteering opportunities for staff?

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Generous funding from charitable trusts and foundations helps make our live music possible.

“It’s very difficult to put what Music in Hospitals & Care does into words. But when people who are ill, vulnerable or lonely, have little to no memory, few or no visitors, not much hope – music can reach them like nothing else.”
Gillian Dinsmore, Friend, volunteer and supporter of Music in Hospitals & Care

  • I admire the work of Music in Hospitals & Care. The MS Centre, Mid Argyll have gained so much from your musicians coming along. The live music was the catalyst for us starting a singing group, which is well attended every week and run by one of our members who has a long term condition. Keep up the good work!
    Karen McCurry, Manager, MS Centre, Mid-Argyll

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Please give today to help improve the health and wellbeing of children and adults through the healing power of live music.