#BackToLive: Constance Chow

14th September 2021


    Classical pianist Constance Chow has been a Music in Hospitals & Care musician, sharing live music in the south of England, since 2018.

    “Live music is very special. When we listen to live music, we feel very in the moment. I even love it when performers make a little mistake. I feel like I’m included in that part of the experience. It’s very different from recorded music because I am there, in the scene, as the music evolves. It makes me feel very connected to the music.

    What Music in Hospitals & Care does is very important. Live music in care environments, and hospitals and hospices can really inject life into people who are sometimes less mobile and having fewer social interactions. It’s a different face for them to see and to chat to. I think it’s good for them and I find it very beneficial as well, as a musician, to learn about people’s lives.”

    It’s been tough keeping live music on pause for so long. It’s critical that we get #BackToLive so we can reach more children and adults through the healing power of live music, and improve their health and wellbeing. Find out more about how you can help.

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