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Spread Joy Through Live Music this Christmas

Music is a big part of what makes Christmas special. It is the time of year when we are most likely to hear live music, whether that is at a concert or passing carol singers in the street. But those spending the festive season in hospitals and care homes often miss out on this important part of Christmas that makes it so magical.

We need you to help us to bring Joy Through Live Music to people in hospitals and care settings over the festive season. Our musicians reduce loneliness and isolation whilst creating special memories and moments. You can make more people’s Christmas musical this year – donate now to give the gift of live music.

“A very special day leading up to Christmas, which made some patients’ days as so many of them are on their own. It really delivered a wonderful treat to patients who may not see next Christmas.”
– St Columba’s Hospice, Edinburgh


♬ £15 will pay for one person to experience live music in their healthcare setting.

♬ £300 will pay for an entire live music session in a hospital, hospice, care home, day centre, special school or community service.

Your donations will be used to help people not just at Christmas, but to keep the music flowing all year round. In 2019 so far we have delivered almost 5,000 live music sessions across the UK; this is all thanks to the generosity of our supporters and we want to continue this for 2020. Every penny helps us to bring Joy Through Live Music.

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More ways you can help

  • Christmas cards

    Send Christmas wishes to your loved ones and spread festive Joy Through Live Music at the same time! Browse our 2019 designs.

  • Donate for free

    You can include a small donation from the retailer on your online Christmas shopping at no extra cost to you!

  • Gift a concert

    A great way to thank a care home or gift a loved one who is in healthcare with a special live music experience.

Aleks & Moein's story

In January 2019, Music in Hospitals & Care embarked on a new project with its musicians A4 Brass quartet and Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS). The brass band have been visiting Lancasterian special school in Didsbury to take part in weekly music sessions with a group of five Multi-Sensory Impaired children of various ages that MSSS felt could benefit from an interactive session away from their usual class group.

Keeping Aleks’ attention was quite difficult during the first few sessions as he often fell asleep. After a few weeks, he became interested in the ukulele and played on the strings throughout the session. He now claps his hands and repeats the rhythms played by the musicians. In the last session before the end of term, he spontaneously signed ‘more’ on three different occasions, which was a surprise to staff. Aleks also keeps his BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) on throughout the sessions despite continually removing it throughout the rest of the day. His intervener has said this is because he wants to be able to experience the music as much as possible.

Moein clutches the instruments for full vibro-tactile stimulation – he likes to place his mouth on the bell of the brass instruments and feel the music through his chest. He also puts his arms inside. He laughs when he feels the low notes of the euphonium and asks the musicians to continue playing by tapping on the bell. Moein moves his head, then his entire body to the rhythm of the music, which is particularly remarkable to the sensory support staff. His intervener has also noted that he has started to locate the sound in the room and recognise the goodbye song that signifies the end of the session; he is always upset when it finishes.

“These sessions have been important for the children, as Multi-Sensory Impairment can feel very isolating. We are so pleased with how well this pilot project has gone and how much the children seem to be getting out of it. The deep vibrations of the brass instruments work really well and get a great response. But, as we have discovered with Aleks, string instruments are also popular. So that could be something to explore further in the future. There have been some amazing developments witnessed in just over six months of the sessions. As A4 Brass go back to the school for the new academic year, we are looking forward to seeing how the children progress.” – Jess Ingham, Director North at Music in Hospitals & Care

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“Music is a force for good and should be available to everyone; I am proud of my long association with Music in Hospitals & Care.”

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If music has given you pleasure, stirred your emotions or memories and made you feel joy, Music in Hospitals & Care needs your support to ensure that we can continue to create special moments with people in healthcare settings for years to come.

No matter how large or small, a gift in a Will is especially valuable to those who will benefit from our live music sessions in the future, as it helps us to develop live music experiences and reach more people across the UK.

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