Children’s Hospice Week: Derian House

21st June 2021

Claire Van Opstal, Play Specialist at Derian House Children’s Hospice in Chorley, shares how our #MusicEveryDay live streams have helped the hospice continue to support families during lockdown.

“Lockdown has been a very challenging time for us and our families here at Derian House; many of our families have been at home shielding. Some children have been able to access respite and stay and play sessions at the hospice, but with all the COVID-19 guidelines in place we have had to think hard about how we deliver our services and support to the families that need it most.

We really missed live music and were stuck listening to the radio and the same playlists. When I received an email from Music in Hospitals & Care to say we could access live stream music sessions, we jumped at the chance for the children and young people staying with us, and we were able to advertise the links on our Facebook page for families to join in at home too.

The children love it when they hear their name mentioned and then the musician plays their favourite song. The sessions are so therapeutic, making us all happy and lifting the atmosphere, reducing anxiety, stress, helping us communicate with our children and also distracting them from any discomfort, pain or worries they have.

Whenever I tell staff that we have a live music session that day, they get excited and look forward to it just as much as the child they are caring for. The atmosphere is always lifted after these sessions, which is just what we really need during this challenging time.”

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