Celebrating 75 years of joy through live music

10th January 2023

As a charity founded in the same year as the NHS working to improve health and wellbeing through live music, we have come a long way. But we still have further to go to ensure that live music is an integral part of health and care across the UK.

This year we celebrate our 75th anniversary and the diverse community that is at the heart of the charity. We’ll hear the stories of the people we support through our live music, their families and healthcare professionals. Special events throughout our live music programme will recognise both long standing and newer partnerships to commemorate where we have been and look ahead to where we are going next.

Across the year we’ll be diving into the archives to explore the charity’s rich history, as well as sharing our new strategic direction. It is also a great opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise of our staff team and professional musicians through helpful resources about music and health.

This will all build towards 13 November, the date of the first meeting in 1947 that led to the creation of the charity the following year. We will take time to thank all of our amazing supporters and volunteers who champion the charity and keep the music playing.

Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media channels for lots of ways you can get involved to help share the healing power of live music and celebrate 75 years of Music in Hospitals & Care.

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