• Our annual report focuses on our live music – its impact, the places and people who experience it and everyone who helped make it possible.

  • Music for mindfulness

    • 18th May 2023

    The second resource we are sharing share to celebrate our 75th anniversary is an animated guide on how to listen to music mindfully. Everyone can use simple exercises like this to help them slow down and reconnect.

  • To celebrate our 75th anniversary we are sharing a series of resources throughout the year. The first we would like to share is some music conversation starters for health and care staff or family members to explore topics around music with a person they care for.

  • Despite its challenges, 2020/21 was a very successful year for sharing live music. Our latest annual report gives an insight into all that's been happening.

  • Vaccinations are on all our minds at the moment, potentially causing a degree of agitation for many. With our new guide, you can find out how music can be used to help alleviate COVID-19 jab anxiety for people living with dementia and others.

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