• “Live music should be on prescription for people living with dementia”

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It's been tough keeping live music on pause for so long. It's critical that we get #BackToLive.

Will you help us reach more children and adults through the healing power of live music to improve their health and wellbeing?

Our professional musicians reach everyone from a premature baby in an intensive care unit to an older person with dementia in a care home through specially-created live music experiences.

When meeting wasn’t possible because of Covid-19, our professional musicians shared live music experiences online. They offered an opportunity to connect with others and improve the mental health of the people we support. Our live music also helped people cope with stress, anxiety, isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic.

Thanks to our supporters, we reached 55,000 people through our online music programme #MusicEveryDay from the beginning of the pandemic to August 2021.

As restrictions ease, we can reach more people with the healing power of live music by going #BackToLive.

Our in-person live music experiences will help people in care homes, hospices and hospitals to express all kinds of emotions – from joy to loss, pleasure to nostalgia. They will support them to recover from the isolation and trauma caused by the pandemic.

Helping people like Marilyn and Chris share special moments

“Marilyn had an accident which left her with brain damage and she has relatively low awareness and is often asleep. But when there’s good live music going on, she reacts to it. She is more awake and it makes a big difference to her wellbeing.”

Hear from Marilyn’s husband Chris about the difference our in person live music makes at the hospital where she lives.

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