“My Atlas Mountains” – by Jon Constable

25th May 2018

Jon Constable (MIHC volunteer) recounts his own expedition to Morocco in the summer of 2011…

My experience. Your expedition.

“I remember standing in awe, looking out over the Atlas Mountains and the spectacular Moroccan landscape, upon the summit of Mount Toubkal. After many days trekking, the sense of accomplishment and triumph I felt, taking in that 360° unobstructed view from atop the tallest mountain in North Africa, was inspiring.

My expedition in many ways was indescribable, though I’ll give it go anyway. Luckily however, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can experience it all for yourself.

MIHC and JT expeditions are offering an amazing 5-day trek, summiting the tallest mountain in North Africa, Mount Toubkal. You’ll be spending some time in the bustling streets of Marrakech before heading out into the famed and beautiful Atlas Mountains.

Marrakesh is bursting with activity. Every street filled artisans of all kinds, offering beautiful handmade trinkets and items, to some truly delicious and sometimes bizarre food. Moroccan tagine will satisfy your taste buds and you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. The famous main market square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, plays host to a huge variety of small merchants, hawkers & entertainers. You may even see some snakes or monkeys putting on a show if your lucky. Though better start practising your bartering skills to get the best deals. I’ve been to very few places that felt as alive and teeming with activity as Marrakech.

After spending some time in Marrakech, we began our daunting ascent up through the Atlas Mountains. It was hot and the days were long, but the stunning vistas and beautiful landscape would always make it worth it. Our local guides would sing and share stories, there was never a dull moment. Despite some challenging days, my fat little self would always make it to the end, so If I can do it, then you definitely can. You’ll enjoy camping in some wonderfully remote areas, immersed in the natural world. And at night, with the clear sky, you can look up and the entirety of the universe will be at your fingertips. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many stars, it was overwhelming.

Finally summiting Mount Toubkal was tough, despite the heat of the previous days, at over 4000m above sea level it was freezing, with even some snow on top. Despite this, we all made it, and were treated to one of the most amazing views I have ever witnessed. It seemed as though you could see right around the world, with nothing to obstruct your view. I felt truly on top of the world.

My expedition to Morocco is one I will never forget; my experience will last a lifetime. And so could yours. With MIHC and JT Expeditions, you can push yourself to new heights and attain a once in a lifetime experience. I did, and now you can too!”


Written by Jon Constable | j.constable95@gmail.com

Click the link for details on how to register on the MIHC 2018 Altas Mountain Trek.

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