The live music Music in Hospitals & Care provides has such a hugely beneficial effect on people in care and staff.

Our Board of Trustees have overall responsibility for Music in Hospitals & Care. They come from a range of backgrounds and bring different skills and experience to the charity. Hover or tap on each photo to learn more.

Peter has over 35 years of experience in the development and marketing of global brands.

In 2010, he was asked to provide marketing guidance for the charity. He then became a member of the Scotland committee, a trustee in 2014 and has been Chair since 2016. Personal experience of family in care listening to live music demonstrated to him the value of what Music in Hospitals & Care does.

Peter Fairlie


Maureen is an employment lawyer with legal and HR experience across a wide variety of public and commercial sectors, including the NHS in Scotland.

She is a keen amateur singer and sings with the London Symphony Chorus. She was inspired to join Music in Hospitals & Care as a trustee after experiencing the power of music to communicate with close relatives living with dementia.

Maureen Hall

Vice Chair

Anne is a Chartered Accountant in general practice with experience of audit, accounts, and taxation for a range of businesses, charities, and individuals.

She has always enjoyed listening to all types of music and was able to see the beneficial influence of music and dancing within her own family. Anne has been pleased to be involved with the charity and to act as Honorary Treasurer.

Anne O’Hagan

Honorary Treasurer

Angharad is a communications expert with experience across the public and charity sectors, including a national older people’s charity and a parliamentary watchdog.

She is a vocalist, violinist, pianist, flautist and a member of Fulham Symphony Orchestra. She was inspired to join Music in Hospitals & Care having witnessed the impact of music on family members during long-term hospital stays.

Angharad Thomas

Atheer is a communications expert with 20 years’ experience working in the PR and social media industry. He is currently European Head of Social at a global sports and fashion retailer.

Atheer was a young chorister at Westminster Abbey and studied the trumpet at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. He has since founded a music and wellbeing festival and is a passionate advocate for the positive impact of music on mental health.

Atheer Al-Salim

Charmian is a lawyer with extensive experience of the strategic, operational, legal and risk aspects of the management of law firms.

Music has always been important to her both as a performer and audience member. She also has experience of various hospitals and care settings and has seen first-hand the hugely beneficial impact that music can have for patients, residents and carers.

Charmian May

Dimple is a senior manager in healthcare with experience in NHS operations and quality assurance, and improvement in clinical services across the UK and Ireland.

Dimple enjoys the transformative power of music believes in holistic care and wellbeing as a way to support physical health, and so was keen to become a trustee for Music in Hospitals & Care.

Dimple Keen

Fiona was a professional violinist before moving into Orchestral Management with Ulster Orchestra and then with BBC Philharmonic.

Her interest in Music in Hospitals & Care started with volunteering in the North of England. She became a trustee in 2016. Seeing the profound effect music had on her mother who had dementia was a great inspiration to get involved with the charity.

Fiona McIntosh

Helen is an Accountant and Chartered Secretary with experience across the public, private and charity sectors.

Helen is a clarinettist, flautist, saxophonist, pianist and sung with the Huddersfield Choral Society for over 20 years. She was inspired to become a trustee after volunteering for Music in Hospitals & Care for eight years and seeing the charity’s work first hand.

Helen Ashley Taylor

Helen is a lawyer, corporate governance specialist and executive coach with experience across the creative industries, charity and education sectors.

Helen studied flute at the Guildhall School of Music and has an MA in Ethnomusicology. She was inspired to join Music in Hospitals & Care after seeing the transformative power of music whilst running workshops with children on the autism spectrum.

Helen Dutta

Jeremy Huw Williams is an opera singer from Wales who has performed in North and South America, Australia, the Far East, India and across Europe.

He has been a volunteer ambassador for Music in Hospitals & Care since 2013 and a trustee since 2016. He received the Medal of the Order of the British Empire in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to music and charity.

Dr Jeremy Huw Williams

Sarah is CEO of a London based design agency. She brings knowledge of graphic communication, brand creation and marketing to her role as a trustee.

She is a professional electric violinist and was inspired to join Music in Hospitals & Care as a trustee having witnessed the positive impact of music on children when performing at special schools with her own string quartet.

Sarah Mallock

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