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Meet our dedicated team of Music in Hospital & Care staff who share the healing power of live music with over 100,000 people each year. From fundraising to finance, and everything in between, they keep the music playing across the UK. Hover or tap on each photo to learn more.  

Live music makes me feel animated, euphoric and present.

My favourite live music experience would have to be Music in Hospitals & Care musicians A4 Brass Quartet at Lancasterian School in Manchester. It was amazing to see how the group of multi-sensory impaired children interacted with the instruments and used new signals they had learnt to request changes in the tempo or volume.

Cat Riley

Communications and Engagement Officer

Live music makes me feel connected, emotional and immersed.

My favourite live music experience would have to be when I saw The Buzzcocks in a small independent venue in Oxford. It is one of the first times I remember going to see live music – I was near the front and completely taken in by the whole experience.

Emily Honey

Head of Fundraising and Communications

Live music makes me feel included, relaxed and inspired.

My favourite live music experience would have to be when I watched Music in Hospitals & Care harpist Margaret Watson playing in an Intensive Care Unit. It was not an environment I had ever been to before and was very clinical and overwhelming, even just as a visitor. The music gave a sense of calm and normality.

Jenny Jones

Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser South of England and Channel Islands

Live music makes me feel free, alive and connected.

There are a few particular artists that I love to see live. Sigrid, a Norwegian singer, is inspiring to see. I saw her at Usher Hall in Edinburgh and there is a particular song that always makes me cry (in a good way!). It makes me feel lucky to be alive.

Jessie Sheridan

Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser

Live music makes me feel grateful, alive and connected.

From children in a nursery performance to the world’s biggest artists, each of the live music experiences I have had is my favourite at the time! For me, live music means being present and putting all else on pause. Whatever emotion live music makes me feel, I always feel better for it.

Lisa MacDonald

Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Manager

Live music makes me feel happy, energised and engaged.

My favourite live music experience – there are too many! Barns Courtney in Glasgow in 2019 was incredible. The last live music I saw was a Christmas carol concert, the singing was just magical. A couple of gigs I had tickets for have been rescheduled for this year and I can’t wait!

Sue Diamond

Fundraiser Scotland

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