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Meet our dedicated team of Music in Hospital & Care staff who share the healing power of live music with over 100,000 people each year. From fundraising to finance, and everything in between, they keep the music playing across the UK. Hover or tap on each photo to learn more.  

Caron Emmerson

Operations Administrator

Live music makes me feel alive, emotional and invigorated.

My favourite live music experience would have to be when I went with a Music in Hospitals & Care musician to The Meath Epilepsy Charity’s Skills Centre. It was great to see residents and staff fully participating in the session. Seeing their smiling faces and movement to the beat of the music was definite proof of the healing power of music.

Dan Remedios

Head of Finance and Resources

Live music makes me feel energised, alive and peaceful.

I once won tickets to a Children in Need Live concert at the Royal Albert Hall. There were many big names including Paul McCartney. It was the first live music experience my son had been to and the best thing was seeing his joy and amazement that we were actually there in person.

Sarah Howard

Finance Assistant

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