Our network of over 350 professional musicians are chosen for their blend of musical talent, sensitivity and people skills.

Musicians cover a diverse range of musical genres and create a warm and relaxed atmosphere through their sensitive and flexible approach.

  • Laura Stephenson

    Soprano singer with Music in Hospitals & Care since 1985

    “I have seen Music in Hospitals & Care’s live music adapt from a mainly classical repertoire to include more diverse audiences, with talented artists performing all sorts of genres. The one thing that I love and continue to admire is the connection made with the audience. I love the intimacy and interaction our music creates.

    I am the Music Director of a local a cappella group called The Treblemakers. We fundraise for Music in Hospitals & Care with busking, concerts and carolling in Trafalgar Square.”

  • John Davidson

    Vocalist and guitarist with Music in Hospitals & Care since 2005

    “There have been many highlights, mainly seeing the effect that music can have on a person in a care home or someone in hospital. I recall seeing the daughter of an older gentleman (who had dementia) moved to tears of joy when her father sang along with me. He had not communicated verbally in months

    I really value the work that Music in Hospitals & Care does. I regularly hear from staff in the care sector about how much they value the quality of musicianship and attitude of the charity’s musicians. Music in Hospitals & Care works with its musicians to ensure that it continues to deliver invaluable music and I love the way that it is constantly looking for different ways to deliver benefits to people through music.”

  • Margaret Ferguson

    Soprano singer with Music in Hospitals & Care since 1998

    “The first special moment I experienced at Music in Hospitals & Care was with someone who had a stroke who hadn’t spoken for seven years. I sang ‘Let me call you sweetheart’. It turned out to be the song his mother sang to him when he was young and he sang along with me. His wife, family members and the staff were in tears.

    It’s wonderful to belong to a charity which reaches out to the seldom reached. Many won’t have the ability to go to concerts. It’s wonderful we can interrupt peoples’ hurts and pain with music. Also, to spend time talking to them and listening to their many different stories.”

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