Ambassadors & committee members

Our volunteer ambassadors and committee members help MiHC to raise awareness and funds by championing the charity within their local communities.

North East England Committee
Ellie Turner
Katie Dawson
Brenda Longstaff
Chris Pentney
Janette Young

North West England Committee
Tineke Bosma
Fiona McIntosh
Brian Spooner
Angela Hayes
Mike Healey
Lyn Bannister
Nancy Eves

London Committee
Laura Sykes
Watcyn Lewis
Eliza Marshall

South England Committee
John Middleton
Michael Cooper
Peter Worlidge
Vanda Jay
Dr Nigel Marshall
Diana Greenman

North Wales Ambassadors
Prof Alex Anstey
Nia Davies Williams
Anwen Edwards
Edwin Humphreys
Dr Gwawr Ifan
Roy Jones
Dr Andy Macfarlane
Dr Rhiannon Mathias
Joann Rae
Dr Jane Smith

South Wales Ambassadors
Dr Richard Logan
Julie Costley-White
Lydia Clough
Willie Duggan
Wynne Evans
Sian Francis
Beverley Humphreys
Dr John King
Huw Williams
Tim Rhys-Evans MBE
Gemma Simons
Ingrid Surgenor MBE
Brian Weir
Huw Chidgey
Sam Chidgey
Ruth Potts

Scotland Committee
Fiona Dinsmore
Robin Barr
Dr Alan Jacques
Lorimer Mackenzie
Dianna Manson
Sheila Watt
Sandra McLennan

Scotland Local Ambassadors
William Cowling
Grace Durham
Anne Sturrock
Sheila Watt
Gillian Dinsmore
Robin Barr
Sheila Ritchie
Alison Thompson
Sheilagh Cooper
Susan Forsyth
Liz East
Prof Jean Ker
Alison Frazer MBE
Eileen Henry

If you would like to find out more about joining one of our local committees or becoming an ambassador, please contact us.

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